Science and Security are the cornerstones of Northeast BioIndustries’ operations. We ensure that every facility acquired or newly licensed is properly resourced and professionally staffed to exceed all regulatory requirements.

Our Directors of Security are past supervisory FBI personnel and their supporting management executives are from respected law enforcement agencies. The seriousness with which we take our responsibilities is reflected in the sophistication and complexity of our security systems and the training and dedication of our security force.

Our proprietary facilities security program is predicated on an interlocking three-tier platform. All exterior properties are continually monitored by security cameras with overlapping fields of surveillance. Visitor vehicular control is maintained by camera monitored license plate and gated access. Facility interiors are likewise monitored with both fixed cameras and 360 degree cameras with PTZ capabilities. All surveillance is monitored in our on-premise Command Center by security personnel 24 hours a day, as well as through off-premise remote supervisory visual monitoring systems. Vehicular deliveries are controlled through a multilevel protocol and redundant inventory verification procedures complete with monitored, manned and recorded lock down sally port systems for loading/departing vehicles.

Access includes multiple security-controlled doors, retinal scanning, biometric recognitions and badge identification. Visitors and employees alike use a single ingress system where they present to and are directed by security. Our security centers are fortified with high tech bullet resistant glass and bullet proof walls. Deep in the facility, the processed cannabis and medicine is protected in DEA approved walk-in room vaults.

However, as overbuilt as the physical security system is, the real control and protection is the security SOPs program that integrates numerous procedures such as: in-house employee badge controls, designated room access, biometric monitoring, recorded direct ingress/egress controls and physical inspections, floor supervisors/line supervisors controls, individual employee card swiping for room access and time/location documentation, visitor badge monitoring, required escorts policies and the like.

In addition to rigorous physical controls, the inventory is at all times video recorded using separate, redundant systems. This provides a continual pictorial documentation of all processes. Every plant from seed to sale can be tracked and cross inventoried against the written record of the individual plant, its processing, packaging and vaulting for shipment.